There is also a supporter-version for Windows Mobile FPse version only!

which allows to save and load your game in realtime at every position on every game and also privileged support, and many others exclusive features

As you know there are a lot of bills we have to pay for: electricity, hardware (for testing and developing software), webspace, etc. In fact it seems to be a fussiness, but all together we have to pay for. But that's not enough - we spend hundreds of hours to code this great piece of software by "reverse engineering". That means for every little problem we had to use the "trial and error" method. As you can imagine we were often sick of it all xD.

But finally we developed a very useable emulator that supports hundreds of games - and it'll become more and more every day. One of our principles is to keep this software free. But we're also interested to earn some money to pay out bills. Therefore we developed a special "supporter-version", which allows to save and load your game in realtime at every position on every game and also privileged support. Free updates until the next major-version is released is also included (this means if you donate for v0.10 you also have all updates after).

PaypalorIBANMarket place for Android

Become supporter - Paypal

You're interested in beeing a supporter? Great idea!

Donate and Receive within12 minutes your supporter version into your email linked to your paypal account.Check your Email account before to become supporter.


Somes other Email providers just trash it, like YANDEX.RU or COMCAST.COM

In That case send a message to with new Email from another PROVIDER.

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Become supporter by making a donation using IBAN

send 2.5 euros, 5 euros or 10 euros or the conversion of one of those 3 amount in other currency from your bank to those IBAN and BIC

FR76 3000 4005 7600 0756 6116 544 BNPAFRPPIVR

Once donation is made , send an email to with operation references.

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Android user

Need go to Market place to become supporter and request latest version.

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FPse CE (windows Mobile)

Free version is also available ! Latest version : FPSeCe 0.10

Older version
FPSece 0.96
FPSece 0.95
FPSece 0.94
FPSece 0.93
FPSece 0.92
FPSece 0.91

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NEW Choose your WayTo become supporter

Pocket ISO

Actual version : 3.2

Always read zip-file included README-file for detailed information about changelog and features!

Lastest official & stable version