What do i need ?

For playing your PlayStation games on your Windows mobile or Android based device on the hardware side you need enough free space on your storage card, a fast CPU, and enough memory on your device.

On the software-side you need FPSEce (which you can download for free on this website), PocketISO to compress your images (if you like), an image of a PlayStation-game you own,and a PlayStation-BIOS for use with FPSEce

What is POcketISO ?

It's a small freeware-tool which helps you to compress your images and clean them up (i.e. remove videofiles).

It's easy to use and you can view the adviced settings for your game on the compatibility-page.

What is it ?FPse is a PlayStation emulator for

your Windows mobile or Android device. The name means First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE/Android (depend version).

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