Control Image Editing

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Control Image Editing

Postby Stanran » Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:48 am

This site is confusing, and most places won't let me post, so I'll post this here. What should I use to resize the controller images in the apk's res>raw folder? I tried a few programs that kept the transparency for the one file that needed it, and resized the bmp file and saved it in the right format, but when I rebuild the apk file, the app won't install. I know it's nothing to do with the resolution, because I tried resaving the same images without resizing them, and the app did the same thing(won't install). If I just remove the files and put them back in without editing them, the app installs fine. So that's how I know it's the online program and ms paint I used that messed it up. What program is recommended to edit these images? The damn controls are way too small when my 7" Tablet is turned sideways. The older slower Ps1 Emulators for Android had the option to resize the controls and move them around on-screen right in the app, but this latest version is rubbish, when it comes to the controls.

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