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How to use FPse with a ROM browser like ARC or Hyperspin

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:04 pm
by schtruck
Here are switches for Frontends softwares:

"path" the full path for the ISO file to play with fpse
"video" video mode 1: software 2:opengl
"aspect" aspect ratio 0: full screen 1:4/3 2:small
"bios" the full path for the Bios file
"glblit" set to 1 if smooth video mode
"glblithd" set to 1 if software high definition mode
"softopengl" set to 1 for advanced opengl video mode
"openglconfig" set for video settings in opengl high definition mode, if you need detail ask me

For example if you want to set OpenGL high definition then set parameters 'video' to 2 and 'glblit' to 0