Formula One World Championship 2000

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Formula One World Championship 2000

Postby BenXperia2009 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:45 pm

Has anyone else tried playing this game on an Xperia/any device?

I'm having strange grahic problems when racing. The game plays well but the top thrid of the screen and left and right edges do not seem to render correctly as the image car travels around the track? it is basically 10-15% of the screen horizontally acrross the top and 5-10% of the scrren on the left and right edges. The middle section of the screen is renderd fine.

I have tried all four drivers and full screen on/off all with the same effect - except driver four that does not work at all.

I haven't had the issues with any other games i have only this one.

Any clues?

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