Finaly i can play whit Parasite Eve 2 on FPSECE!!!!

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Finaly i can play whit Parasite Eve 2 on FPSECE!!!!

Postby HidroSaphire » Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:05 pm

I always liked being able to play Parasite Eve 2 on my acer s200 but it was never possible because the screen froze LTD. Squaresoft etc. ....
Even with Bad patch of the game would not start ....

And now I, an Italian boy (and I apologize for my bad English) has finally done so I can start this game and where I want to play with my beautiful scenery of Windows Mobile!

I have also heard to convert it to EBOOT and then convert it back to ISO 025 to change the SLES .......
I tried it but: NOT WORKING!!

Here's what you do to start it without blocks:
1) Take your Parasite Eve 2, and put the patch of BAD
2) Put Parasite Eve 2 CD1 patched.iso on your mobile
3) you start FpseCE and start the game.
4) Shortly before the crash you must create an SaveState (you can also do that in after launching the game)
5) Close and open FpseCE Config (same folder FpseCE)
6) Now go to the tab gamelist.ini
7) Press Add button
8) click in the circle Receive from SaveState
9) at ok
10) Now select the game in Game ID id Parasite Eve 2 you just uploaded
11) put in the window name: Parasite Eve 2
12) flags0 put: 1
13) status put: 2
14) status_HLE put: 2
15) applied in the square of the check PE2_Hack
16) save and close
17) FINALLY GOOD GAME WITHOUT FREEZE: NOW I'M IN Dryfield !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WARNING: When in the first mission the soldier give you a key for the cafeteria, after change screen may frooze!
If the game frooze you must save before the frooze, go in config and put flags0 = 3 and apply the ChronoChross_Hack on! Now i'm on the desert of level 2, and without multitouch is complicated to play, but I can play, and I'm very very happy!!!!!!

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