Homebrew (Public Domain) PSX Games (A question & request)

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Homebrew (Public Domain) PSX Games (A question & request)

Postby Link6746 » Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:26 am

I bought FPSE a few years ago, but since then I've lost all my old PSX games, and am in the process of rebuilding my collection (Amazon.com is a great help in this, thankfully- I've already ordered one game and am about to order 2 more as of the 3rd of august, and my family is helping me rebuild it this august as well)

But alas, I am having such difficulty waiting on the games. I know that the PS1 had a toolkit come out for people like you and I to make our own homebrew titles, Official Playstation Magazine even featured a few of them on the demo disks. My question is, are any of these public domain, and if so, which ones and where can I find them?

While I understand ISO or CUE/BIN requests are usually not permitted, I am seeking anything and everything public domain for the time being, until my official, commercial games come in the mail. I hope this counts as an extenuating circumstance, and if not, I will gladly consent to having this post removed.

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