FPse version on Amazon Appstore (or not)

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FPse version on Amazon Appstore (or not)

Postby mark_k » Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:46 am


A while ago I bought FPse on the Amazon Appstore. Like many people I had free Amazon coins, so it didn't cost me anything. I noticed that there have been a few recent updates to FPse on Google Play, but not for the Amazon Appstore version which was last updated in December 2013 I think. And now (as of today at least) FPse seems to no longer be available from Amazon.

So a couple of questions:
- Is FPse permanently gone from the Amazon Appstore? If not, is there any ETA when a newer version will be available there?
- If it is permanently gone, is there any way for people who bought it on Amazon to use the Google Play version, without needing to buy it again? And what was the reason for the removal; do Amazon no longer allow any emulators?

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Re: FPse version on Amazon Appstore (or not)

Postby schtruck » Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:34 am

We re really sorry but we pushed the last version to Amazon market but Amazon decided recently that emulators are forbidden on their market. So they refuse to push update and they even switched offline fpse. Our account is still open. We are in discussion with amazon to explain that our program does not include any copyrighted contents and we inform users the legal use of our program from a disclaimer.
Our team is very angry because the use of a device like tablet is the responsability of the user.

We hope Amazon will change their mind soon.

Our words are that emulators are like video players or audio players:

You can use them legally if you make a copy of your own cd/dvd and then play them on your devices.
For the rest it s not the responsability of the program maker the maner how people use its program.
FPse is a player of ps1 cdrom.
Now we ask to Amazon why they remove emulators and they accept video and audio players.... they should remove all or accept all.

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