Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden English Patch

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Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden English Patch

Postby raylgo » Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:31 pm

This game was working great until deep in the game at mission 39 (i think) with the Shin Getter Robo for the first time, it stops loading the second half of the stage. I clear the first half then when it switches to the title of the mission "Shin Getter Robo, Stolen", the right half of Robo doesn't show up. Then the game loads the enemies on the stage but nothing happens afterwards... Music is still playing and all but nothing can be done about it.

Anyone played this game too? I've been using cheats. Could this be the problem? I've tried two different ROMs (both pre patched) with the same thing happening.

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