Just a small issue

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Just a small issue

Postby Nixon5050 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:30 pm

I just got my android, and this is the first time iv used an emulator on it, I put FF 8 on the android along with the Bios file and the game worked great, Since there is only 4 GB of space on the tablet I placed Lunar 2 on my SD Card but when I try to find my SD card games I can not access the sd card where my games are, When I go to the SD card in the "Load an ISO" area it takes me to the internal memory area where I have FF8. Is there any way I can get to my SD Card to load my other PS1 games?

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Re: Just a small issue

Postby bluezeak » Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:01 am

for me it's

This is one of the largest, most obvious flaws with android. Manufacturers originally used /mnd/sdcard as the default location of the ACTUAL sdcard. Some time later in Android development though, applications started having a lot of problems with apps that were on the SDCard. So, manufacturers started partining the internal memory. They had part of it 'system', and part of it partioned into 'sdcard'. this made most apps work MUCH better. But - it's not really the SDcard. So, when you put in an actual sdcard ... it has to be something different. This is one of the areas where not haveing actual standards has hurt android development.
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