Would this be the analog to a Galaxy Nexus and...

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Would this be the analog to a Galaxy Nexus and...

Postby hubrisnxs » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:14 am

(sorry, I have read most of the forums to see if this was answered, but the FPSCE/FPSE differences may be getting the problem)

... and if this is the analog of the Galaxy Nexus between the three devices, would it be correct to assume the following:

1.) OpenGL will be perfectly able to render most games, but as for Vagrant Story/Valkerie Profile/Chrono Chross, we will have to wait for a fix, because there is no way to get it to run at anything approaching acceptable framerates?
2) There is no way to use external skins?

In any event, I think there should be a way for us to donate to FPSE, as its been more than a year since I first bought FPSE... it was while PSX4Droid was still on the market, if that's any indication for a timeline. With the myriad changes that have been done since then, thinking of how much has been done and fixed and rigged to progress, I shudder to think how Shcuck (sic) is able to eat... and I have a RAZR, Nexus, AND a Sony Xperia Play!

Forgive the redundancy, but if I were to want to ask "Where can we donate" which forum would be the appropriate one?

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