Clunky Dpad for Certain Games (GTi9100)

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Clunky Dpad for Certain Games (GTi9100)

Postby schizo88 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:23 pm

Hello everyone

First of all I want to say thanks to the developers for creating such a powerful emulator. Great job!

The reason of this thread is the following. The analog stick rocks and whenever the game supports it I use it. The problem is within the DPad, I just can't get over it, I feel it way clunky and some games only support it (as far as a know, dunno if there's some way to activate the sticks as with the Analog button on the original pad). For games like Einhander I end up dying in the first boss! 'cause the dpad won't behave properly. Is there any way to improve it for such games like Einhander, where you have to dodge bullets and things?

Also, I've seen this game on the Xperia play and they can use two buttons at the same time (square plus X, for shooting two kind of bullets), but I can't achieve it on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I've been checking the options but no one seem to work.

I'll be the most thankful man if you give me a reply.
Thanks from Chile

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