Xoom: Bad sound / Can't load saves FFVII

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Xoom: Bad sound / Can't load saves FFVII

Postby pmorgan2 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:18 am

Not sure if its my device, my OS my rom, or my settings, but my sound has gone from perfect to weird broken MIDI style over the last few updates. I can handle this for now, but I was wondering if there is some tablet, honeycomb, or Zoom specific issues that I've been unable to find on the forums.

The real show stopper is that I can't load saved game states (I have the full version). At first the loaded games just showed some graphical tearing for the first few seconds. Then later saves would give me degraded MIDI sound fronloads even though a new game would be perfect sound. Now, however, trying to load a game makes FSpe just close (no force close message, just sends me to my home screen).

Today's update seems to have also created a new bug where going into settings sometimes causes a force close.

In addition I wasn't able to get FFVIII in ISO format to load at all, but I'm not sure yet if that's the rom's fault.

Anyone else having problems on an Android tablet?

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Re: Xoom: Bad sound / Can't load saves FFVII

Postby mnsman » Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:24 am

My xoom plays it pretty well. Though the savestate feature never worked for me. Are you still having problems?

If it makes a difference to any other Xoom users, I have it overclocked, disabled HLE, limit frames, no frameskip, spusync; but its still a tiny bit laggy.

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Re: Xoom: Bad sound / Can't load saves FFVII

Postby mikebatman » Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:25 pm

I have been running this game on a droid 2. To a certain degree I have been able to overcome the sound issue by taking the file off and grabbing a file from doperoms. com and running it after using un-ecm4droid.

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