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Re: Fpse for Android News

Postby ThatGuy » Mon May 20, 2019 3:58 pm

Man I would pay twice the price of this emulator to get a version without the license check can you just remove the check and make a separate app for the plugins like epsxe for Android which has a separate app for the opengl plugin?

What I love more in epsxe other than the better accuracy is how I can just plug and play without internet!

I understand you put drm to fight pirates but it's crackable and if someone can't buy your emulator he won't do it anyway so why miss the opportunity for free advertisement of your app? xD

FPSE, Drastic, damonps2 and a few less famous emulators are the last ones which use DRM and it would be heaven for me if some day the DRM is removed from all of them and before anyone claims I just want to pirate the apps I can show you my order history, I bought all the non fake paid emulators in the Google Store :P
Even ppsspp gold when I only use the nightly builds...

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Re: Fpse for Android News

Postby schtruck » Tue May 21, 2019 2:43 pm

It s not a normam behavior

Fpse should download one time when it s necessary after each update and after internet connection is no more used trust me

So contact me at schtruck@gmail.com and I ll investigate with your help to understand what S happening

The license issue is not normal either, I mean the first time you run fpse your device get license from google and after the certificate is stored in your device and you can run many month without being connected to internet
That's how it should works

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