games that don't work on tp2? lets help each other!

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games that don't work on tp2? lets help each other!

Postby fishwiz » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:24 am

i know there is a compatability list thread, but...that list is comprised of games that may or may not have been tested on a tp2. i will list the ones i am having trouble with and try to add the ones that everyone else is struggling with to this first post. as fixes(hopefully) are figured out i will also try and show those fixes by editing and updating this first post! i'm not compressing any of my game files... does this prevent certain ones from working?? thanks! :P

dynasty warriors- first two screens come on with sound then black screen... full img,cue 5xx,xxxkb

need for speed 1- works until game is chosen in menu and then game freezes...full bin,cue 625,xxxkb

colin mcrae rally 1- first couple screens animate then multicolor fuzz freeze...img,ccd 345,xxxkb

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