Multitouch not working correctly?

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Multitouch not working correctly?

Postby NickTheMajin » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:59 pm

I'm not entire sure where this should go but I didn't see a Rezound board so...

I am trying to run FPse.

The emulator does work really well when I can press two buttons at once, however it frequently does not let me use two buttons at once. Sometimes I will start the app and it will work beautifully. However, most of the time, when I start the app and try to play something it will not let me press more than one button at a time. This means in racing games, you can't steer while accelerating or in platforming games you can't jump while running. Now I would chock this up as it just not being compatible with ICS but it does work sometimes (It just takes tons of restarts before it works.

I have tried toggling on and off Dual Core Boost, but I need to leave it off. It makes every game INCREDIBLY laggy for me for some reason.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Like I said the emulator does work perfectly when I can touch more than one button at a time.

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Re: Multitouch not working correctly?

Postby i900frenchaddict » Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:20 pm

can you use a multitouch test app from the market?

When using it, press the screen as if playing a racing game, and see if inputs swap or freeze.

If yes, we can ad your device to the already existing list of devices with messy multitouch in ICS (Galaxy Nexus and HTC Sensation for the moment)

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