FPSE newbie has assortment of thoughts/questions

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FPSE newbie has assortment of thoughts/questions

Postby Dyelon » Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:09 am

Hey guys, I bought FPSE within the first day of getting my Xperia Play. The thing is an emulator machine and FPSE is a fitting addition. Love it so far. Few questions/problems:

1) My phone is unrooted/stock. It seems enabling the g sensor involves editing .ini files and such? Is it possible for me to do without compromising my warranty? Could you provide a link/video that explains how to do it on one of the more recent versions of FPSE?

2) What is the deal with the options for touchscreen analog and "Swipe" analog? I've only tried with Medal of Honor Underground but they're EXTREMELY hard to use. They take a strong push to get started moving, then JUMP in the direction you''re holding extremely fast, making aiming very very hard. Is this the norm with these options? Is it difficult to emulate the analog sticks of playstation?

3)Both of the above questions have to do with shooting games on FPSE. What settings do you guys use for first person shooting games? especially on xperia? I'm starting to think I should just give up on the genre for use with FPSE. (I'm not going to harp on the touch-stick support for xperia play like most, I understand thats probably really annoying to incorporate, especially with Verizon users STUCK in 2.3.2!!)

4) For PS ISOs with the "track 1" and "track2" parts, what do I do?? SF Alpha 3 has those components and I'm not sure what to do/how to rename it so it will work (with just track 1 it boots up like ps one boot screen, then black)

Thanks in advance for anyone who answers any of my questions/thoughts

Scratch the question of SF Alpha 3....found a rom with just one .bin file

But the analog/shooting game question still lingers for me...

What do you guys think?

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