problem with controls: xenogears

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problem with controls: xenogears

Postby velcrobandits » Fri May 14, 2010 8:33 pm

hello. i played xenogears with a setup of an analog stick the 4 buttons + shoulder buttons and it didn't work well. i tried to change it to a dpad + 4 multibuttons and now nothing works. even the t, s, o, x buttons don't respond. when i press up on the dpad, it activates the o and the adjacent multibutton definitely isn't assigned to o.

more info: I have an hd2, supporter version .10.1. I read the post where this sort of thing happens in the cold, but its happening in doors as well. For context, FF Tactics works decently.I've read the how-to and tutorials and I can't find any info. The controller icon has the buttons lit up i.e. not stylus mode. One issue is that I don't know what the down arrow and up-down arrow for each control means. I read a post on that a long time ago but I can't find it. I haven't installed the hd2 pack yet. Is this fixable?

update: I switched to the hd2 skin and now the portrait mode pad at the bottom and the onscreen buttons i make both respond with "start" on most button presses. some help would be really appreciated.

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