Here is the New PocketISO 3.2!!!

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Here is the New PocketISO 3.2!!!

Postby schtruck » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:03 am

Here is the last Version of PocketISO,

this one include New Fixes for better compatibility.

This Tool can be used with any version of FpseCE, but all its features will be usefull especially for FpseCE 0.1!

The First aim of this tool was to reduce size of ISOS, the first Feature is the Compression, let Normal Compression set because FpseCE work better with it. The second Feature is the ability to find, extract, erase, replace or Compress any Media File.
I don't recommend to rip Videos except if you don't mind this content, but keep in mind that Much games need the original Video in place because they read somes Datas included in each videos sector to synchronize with something else.If you still rip Videos, you will obtain Size gain but never obtain speed gain.
About Audios Streams (Called XA Stream), PocketISO is able to Rip XA Stream and even compress them into MP3. The Advantage is that FpseCE will just read into memory the MP3 and then will play it without sound Stuttering even if FpseCE don't run full speed... The Other Advantage is that forcing XA sound to 0 will Boost Game at about 20-25 Percent.
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