Fastest FpseCE version [device - Samsung i740]

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Fastest FpseCE version [device - Samsung i740]

Postby Q-Ball » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:15 am

Fastest FpseCE version

Here is some information:
Device: Samsung i740
CPU: Marvel PXA270 624 MHz
Internal memory: 64 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM
Games: Breath of Fire IV, Suna no Embrace, Samurai Spirits RPG

I finally decide to test ALL versions of FpseCE I'd received. It's a versions from 30.12.09 till 11.04.10.
So, there are 2 version which I recognized as fastest:
  • 2nd place - 24.02.10:
    This version of FpseCE is a leader in FPS.
    It gives me +2 fps (compare with the 1st place version) everywhere in the "field" and on the World map. But in battle fps can drop down by ~10fps(compare with the 1st place version).
    Moreover the game run with twitches like with frameskip. It means that there are a problems with timer.
    This version will be better to use for less-resource games like Battle Hunter or Hercules, for example.
  • 1st place - 10.03.10:
    This version is a fastest version of FpseCE.
    It have best performance, all new features, speed is quite well and its now works VERY smoothly.
    Speed (not FPS) is better then in previous versions and latest versions.
    So this version is absolute leader now.

Fastest FpseCE version = 10.03.10

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