Few questions regarding emulator .

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Few questions regarding emulator .

Postby djor » Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:25 am

Hi there! Im new Here and got few questions let's start from beggining .

License-is there a way to remove licence verification? I purchased Fpse long time ago and it keep checking license each time i update emulator sice i don't have internet connection whole time why not making that licence check only once? It's really annoying that when i don't have internet i can't play with sound because od that.

Games format-Will Fpse ever get support of reading bin.ECM files? Some of my games are in such format and when i want to manually add them and run it takes me to BIOS menu and read game as audio CD .

Settings- i don't know why but each time im playing different game video setting as well as gamepad settings keep reseting . Since some games are more likely to be unplayable on OpenGL im having hard problems switching to software HD mode :/ should be by default .About controller only issue i have is when i turn off L/R3 buttons they keep showing sometimes...

Sounds- i don't know if im the only one who hear the difference i sounds od original games and sounds while playing emulator?

Finally OpenGL- it's been a while and wondering will RPG games will be playble? Chrono cross and FF8/9 are higherly lagging even on software HD mode .

Sorry i just noticed that i posted in Windows section by accidently click... Can some mod move it to android general? Thanks :*

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Re: Few questions regarding emulator .

Postby berry » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:59 am

this is very nice post :lol:
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