Harvest Moon - Need help loading saves please!

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Harvest Moon - Need help loading saves please!

Postby amber_ash » Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:15 am

Hi guys,

I have an Asus Eepad Transformer.

I was able to load and play Harvest Moon with the Emulator, but after saving my game (by pressing options, then save) not the one in-game, i quit and closed the application.
A few hours later, i load FPSE and i see a black screen where it says 'Select Bios to Load' (it's probably the folder where the Harvest Moon ROM was located) but there's only one option i can select with these following characters: "..." so yeah, 3 dots. When i click it, it shows the start sequence of the old PSX with the sony logo, etc. Then i see on the screen, 'memory card' and 'cd player'

Ok... so i look around and theres no way to go about starting any game, but i see my games saved in the memory card (slot 1 in this case). So i quit and restart, and it brings me back to the same loading sequence and situation. Now i close the app, and try it again. I try to load a game but it prompts me to the same folder with the 'Select ISO to load' with the 3 dot options. I click, and again, same sequence. After that i decided to delete the app and reinstall it. I lose my data but i was able to start the game again... again i save my progress, and when i try to load it again, i get the same problem... what am i doing wrong? Sorry, i hope i explained clearly.

p.s. i did the 'Load a Bios File, Save Default Config' thing right after installing the app..

- Ashley

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