X (cross) button assignable, but still doesn't work

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X (cross) button assignable, but still doesn't work

Postby Twugz » Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:34 pm

Running fpse 0.11.15 on a rooted Xperia Play. Stock ROM + Kernel. All settings default except for the sound sync. Trying to play FF7, sound is perfect, no graphical artifacts or anything. All hardware keys working except for one, Cross/X. I can assign any other button to Cross/X but I can't assign the physical button (X) to anything, especially Cross/X.

The on-screen touch (X) is working, though. When I go to assign hardware keys, the popup says "Please press key or (Cross)" or whatever it says, I press (X) and it looks like it works. When I load/go back to the game, pressing (X) won't work.

Any ideas? Other than re-assigning all hardware keys using the keyboard app?

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