newb on r800x -cheats default

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newb on r800x -cheats default

Postby saikkussu » Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:01 pm

Im sorry if this is repetitive but I used the search engine to no avail.
Im on the verizon android 2.3.2 CDMA and Digimon World 2 works perfectly.

To speed up the time I spend playing it, im trying to use gameshark codes. I did see that the clearing problem was apperently taken care of in a recent update through my search for help, but im still having that problem. I'm running the latest verion availible on android market and the cheats keep clearing on me when I play digimon world 2. So far its the only game ive played on fpse. Saving the config was my guess but it didnt work. If I leave the cheat page by bringing up the menu and going to the main settings page and then backing out, the codes are kept until I quit fpse. I also have a problem keeping the cheats activated. Everytime I check, they are off. Is there a way to keep these settings from defaulting? Is it xperia play specific?
Thanx in advanced, sai

P.s. since my phone is verizon cdma, i am unable to gain root access. Would this affect my ability to get to the mcd? I can't seem to save anywhere in game and I can't see them anywhere on my phone. let alone direct fpse to them. Is there a site that I can download an extra blank mcd?

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