xperia play hidden system files? [solved]

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xperia play hidden system files? [solved]

Postby capncark » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:23 am

I have a Rogers Canada xperia play rooted with gingerbreak and I was trying to find my game ini files and there is no system/data/data directory on the device at all!!! Another strange thing is that I found a folder on the sd card .data which contains the folders for all the preinstalled apps which are on the internal memory. I checked every folder in the device and could not find any data directory with anything in it. there is a data folder in the root directory but it is empty (yes I made sure that I was able to see hidden files)anyone else have this issue?

edit:seems my installation of busybox corrupted or something. reinstalled busybox to system/xbin and all is fine now. data/data is in root directory instead of /system but all folders are there :D

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