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Problem with 'Change Disk' command

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 6:10 pm
by dlanor
I've tried to use the in-game menu command "Change Disk" of FPSe and discovered that this does not work when the game was launched from a shortcut on the Android desktop.

I believe this is due to the fact that disc selection is done using the list of scanned games, which list has NOT been scanned for an emulator session started from a game shortcut on desktop. So the list shown for the user to select a disc from is empty. All I see is the FPSe icon followed by the phrase "Select a Disc:" with a blue separator line beneath that line, and a thin grey bar below that separator (where the list should have begun).

This issue is not a game-killer, as we can always launch the game from the list inside FPSe, so that the change disc command can work in that session. But it would be nicer if an automatic 'mini-scan' could be made for the case where a game was launched from a desktop shortcut. For many cases game images that are part of the same game will be stored in the same folder, and in my case they are even stored in the same file structure (packed into the same .PBP file), so a quick check in the same folder (or PBP file structure) should suffice, with no need for a full scan of all connected storage.

Best regards: dlanor