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FPSE - Opengl strange lag

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:40 pm
by RZ_29
Hello everyone,

I have been playing around with FPSE opengl plugin, and i really have to say that it looks awesome. even better than the original psx o my JXD s7800b.

However, I usually find a problem on the emulation. I have detected it in Resident Evil 3 and Vagrant Story.

In resident evil 3, everything runs smoothly, with the HD graphics looking awesome. However, right off the bat in the game, in the initial explosion where you first control the main character, the game laggs incredibly. Only resuming normally after you get up from the explosion.

IN vagrant story, the game laggs everytime I press the button for battle mode, where the attack sphere comes into screen.

I have found that by frameskipping the lagging ends faster, but I dont understand how these games lag. the specs of the JXD are good enough to play ppsspp on full power.

Has somebody had this problem? has anyone corrected it?