Serious overlay gamepad problem!!

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Serious overlay gamepad problem!!

Postby Sen666neS » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:19 am

I looked around and couldn't get any answers to my problem. I just got a cheap tablet Nextbook 8 (1.5Ghz ARM A9, 1gb ddr3, 8" screen, 4.1 Jelly Bean) recently, and FPSE runs all the games alright (if a little slow at times due to the tablet) except that it almost always has a problem with the right-hand buttons of the overlay gamepad. Most of the time when you press ANYWHERE to the right of the D button you will get the selected button activated along with the right direction of the D buttons. For example, in Castlevania Symphony, whenever you hit an action button the character will move/turn as if you had hit the button to make him move right as well as the desired action. So if the character is facing left and you hit attack, he'll turn around and attack instead of just attacking facing left. Makes some games unplayable!

Its like the right direction of the Dpad "bleeds" over to the right side of the touch area. The only thing I've observed is that you can clear this bug by touching anywhere to the right of the dpad and holding, then hitting and holding the left direction of the Dpad while releasing the right hand side contact with the screen. After that, the pad works correctly until you do the opposite and the pad automatically does the bug again. Please help, I haven't found any info about this problem.


ADD: Another major problem is in menus. For some reason, what is selected when you press the button is one option to the right of the option highlighted on screen. Example: Wild Arms save menu. When you bring up the save menu the screen with to main options side by side (Save/Load right next to Memory Card), when you select the save option once the save screen comes up Memory is selected by the emu even though I haven't touched the Dpad to select either option. It will always select the option to the right of the one highlighted, and it seems to be another effect of the original problem as it seems to clear the same way. One other thing to note, is that outside of gameplay, the emu resetted this error whenever it would change the screen (going into a fight for instance I will frequently try to run away because that is the option to the right of the default, and it resets randomly so that I can't try to clear it and be good for the rest of the fight--can't really play like this).

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