FPSE on Nexus 7 - assign button and performace

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FPSE on Nexus 7 - assign button and performace

Postby malciu » Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:57 pm


I have bought FPse on Google play, convinced it is the best emu for that platform.
For the moment I am having two major problems preventing me from enjoying PSX games.

First are the controls: I have standard USB pad, digital. Connected via OTG USB.
When in menu, and assigning buttons like SQUARE, TRIANGLE, L1 etc everything reacts correctly when pressed on the gamepad.

But when in game, only CROSS and ROUND and D-pad is reacting. No other buttons are working.

Can you please help with that?

Second thing, is the performance - I have see on yt people playing smoothly on OPEN GL plug in, with AA and everything, when I use that plugin (instead of SW mode) the performace is poor. Is ther some more advanced configuration needed?

ps I have loaded SCPH1001.bin and have tested this by far on Crash Team racing and Tekken 3.

Hope you will help me resolve that problems.

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