PS3 Controller analog stick problem.

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PS3 Controller analog stick problem.

Postby BambOOs » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:57 am


I have problem with analog sticks in FPse using original PS3 Sixaxis Controller. I bought an app to connect PS3 controller to phone via bluetooth. All keys works good, analog sticks too, but their "sensivity" is not good. It is visible especially while playing Gran Turismo 2 - if I move analog to right or left , it doesn't work "from zero" - stick must be moved to "the end" to start working.
So, I can not take turns with precision in GT2, but this is only an example.

In other words, analog works as d-pad.

I hope, you understand what is the problem.

Is there any way or fix to setup analog stick to work "from zero" - (small move to right - car starts to turn right, but this is litlle turn. Move analog to the end - maximum turn to right/left).

Thanks in advance.


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