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Besides Fpse,what other.......

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:05 am
by mckimiaklopa
Besides Fpse,the fastest psx emulator for android,what other emulator do you guys use on your droid?

Personally,I use Drastic(DS emu) and PPSSPP(PSP emu)

Re: Besides Fpse,what other.......

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:31 pm
by scobu
I use drastic, epsxe and retroarch to a lesser extent.

Re: Besides Fpse,what other.......

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:14 am
by mckimiaklopa
i900frenchaddict wrote:I use the same, PPSSPP and drastic, that are the best "last gen" emulators.
I've tried Sega dreamcast and Saturn emulators (NullDCE and Yabause), they tend to run well, but for one of them compatibility is strictly limited (beside Crazy taxy, I couldn't find a game decently running with the Dreamcast emulator) and for the other one, onscreen controlls are just a joke (talking about Sega Saturn emulators). Sad that devs seem to have stopped developping these two emulators, they could run when with today's hardwares :(

Of course, every other emulator from Atari to 16-bit consoles are running fine! As for me, here is the list of the emulators I've got on my devices:

Nintendo: NES, Super NES, Gameboy/color, Gameboy advanced, N64 (N64oid is the best, especially with textures packs!), DS (drastic is the best!), Gamecube/Wii (work in progress, don't expect more than 2 fps and one compatible game !!!)
Sega: genesis, master system, ,gamegear, Saturn (not working well at all), dreamcast (not working well at all!!!!)
Atari: 2600, Lynx (yes, it exist!!: aLynx)
Amstard: CPC (ANDCPC, yes, it exist!!)
MAME/ARCADE: Tiger Arcade, MAME4droid
Sony: Fpse (the best, don't even talk to me about its direct competitor!!!), PPSSPP (requires quadcore to start working well)

When I was a child and a teenager, I used to have many consoles. I just miss the Atary Oddyssey2, the Atari Jaguar and the Amiga CD32 to have all the consoles I had as a child in my smartphone (but these 3 just don't exist...)

Maybe I should move this topic to "off topic" by the way....

Have you tried reicast dreamcast emulator for android?I heard it has great spped and compatibility (compared to nullDc at least)