Problem loading backed up save states

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Problem loading backed up save states

Postby doublevisionsfc » Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:31 am

So I recently decided to continue Suikoden 2, I had the save states, rather the whole .fpse folder backed up on my computer. So after downloading fpse onto my phone, I loaded the files in but when I go to quick load it only shows two of my saves, two that were really early into the game. The rest are missing and I cannot figure out how to get fpse to recognize them... Any help would be great thanks.

edit: So I knew that one of the saves would be my save. The two saves that did work were slus-0009580, slus0009581 (958 being suikoden 2). So i renamed the file that I knew would be the actual latest save, oddly that file was slus-0002923, 292 is supposed to be suikoden 1. But when I load it it up by renaming it, its def suikoden 2, it seemed to load up fine at first but when I leave the area fpse basically gives me an ERROR, and says fpse has exited and to stop all applications and free up memory. Is there anyway for me to continue this save state somehow?

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