OUYA: Gamepad button mapping setup broken

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OUYA: Gamepad button mapping setup broken

Postby cweiske2 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:27 pm

I'm using FpseCE on the OUYA.

When trying to re-configure the gamepad button mappings, I can configure the first button just fine. After configuring the first button, I'm somehow in a second button mapping window that gets closed when I press "back". Then I'm in the original button mapping window.
Configuring a button in the second mapping window does not seem to do anything, but it returns me to the first mapping window.

Visual description:
- In setup, click Gamepad 1 button mapping
- Gamepad button mapping window opens; I can select the button to map
- Pressing "back" brings me back to the settings window
- Click Gamepad 1 button mapping
- Click one of the buttons, press a button to map it
- It seems I'm back in the buttons list of my gamepad, but somehow this is a second mapping window.
- Pressing "back" brings me back to the first button mapping window
- In the second mapping window, I can map a button but it does not seem to do anything (button is not mapped).

This is very irritating.

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