Mobile marketers count down to Christmas

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Mobile marketers count down to Christmas

Postby vincentrey » Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:45 am

Only 166 more days till Christmas! While it may seem a little premature to be thinking about the holidays, that’s exactly what many businesses are already doing. Because the holiday shopping season is such an important time of year for most businesses, many business owners are already thinking about how they will market to this year’s holiday shoppers. Just how important are the holidays for businesses? In 2012 US consumers spent an estimated 579.8 billion dollars. In order to make that number even larger in 2013, marketers are going to focus especially on mobile marketing

The mobile marketing trend continues to grow as this year it is expected that businesses will spend 28 billion dollars on mobile marketing. That number is expected to reach 55 billion by 2015. In order to justify spending that kind of money on advertising, businesses need to make sure their holiday mobile marketing strategies are going to entice consumers to purchase.

7 tips for reaching the mobile shopper during the holidays

Here are 7 tips to help your business capitalize on this year’s holiday shopping season:

· Offer deals exclusive to mobile users. Promotions, special offers, and rewards that can only be obtained via mobile advertising make mobile customers feel special. Make sure there are special deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Eve
· Make use of mobile coupons. It’s expected that consumers will redeem approximately 10 billion mobile coupons this year. The same study also predicts that there will be a 30% increase in mobile coupon users in 2013. These numbers combined with studies showing that coupon users typically spend more than the average consumer reveal a great secret to mobile marketers
· Gamify. By including surveys, quizzes, levels, leaderboards, or badges, you give consumers a fun and memorable experience that they will remember when they are doing their Christmas shopping
· Utilize social media. Your customers can do a lot of the advertising for you if you let them. Make it easy for them to share special deals with their friends on Facebook and Twitter
· Use location based marketing. Send an advertisement when it will have the most influence—when your customer is in close proximity to your business
· The holidays are a time of giving. Team up with a charitable organization
· Measure effectiveness. Constantly measure and fine tune your advertising efforts to make sure they are having the strongest effect possible

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