Yabause For Android Needs a Dedicated Dev!

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Yabause For Android Needs a Dedicated Dev!

Postby trev186 » Fri May 24, 2013 5:44 pm


So Yabause for Android has been available for Android for more than a year now.

However no developers have actively developed it. I spoke to a few who said the source was actually pretty good but they felt that Sega Saturn was not very popular.

Would anyone here be interested in continuing work on Yabause for Android?

The Yabause team has the Android source on their SVn currently & are willing to help answer questions regarding it. Latest source can be downloaded here:


Alternate link:


Additionally if you want to check out a couple of ready to go Apps for Android:

Paulscode Version:


Explusalpha Version:


These builds are very early but have a lot of promise. Yabause is great Saturn emulator on PC. There are a lot of amazing Saturn games which you cant play any other way.

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