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How to change memory card mid game?

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 9:14 pm
by rubejb
So I did something stupid and started a new game of Suikoden even though it warned me that my memory card was full and I would not be able to save. I went along fine using save states, but I wanted to make a save file just to be safe.

I went in to the bios memory card manager in FPse, cleared up some space and then loaded my save state in Suikoden. However, it still says the memory card is full whenever I try to save. It tells me to delete some data or insert another memory card.

I've tried going into the FPse settings and switching the memory card file to MC2 which has plenty of space as well, but it always tells me that the MC is full. It's like the game knew it was full when I started playing and won't ever let me save.

But I'm wondering if there's like a way to tell the emulator that I've ejected one memory card and put in another?

I'm honestly not all that far in the game so I could just start again, but I'd like to not have to if possible.


Re: How to change memory card mid game?

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 6:33 am
by schtruck
when starting FPse , if you are with the Covers menu, then press back button and select Boot bios.

now go to the memecard manager and clean your memcard saves as you want.

Re: How to change memory card mid game?

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 1:43 pm
by rubejb
Yeah, I did that. But upon booting up the game and loading my save state, it still tells me that the memory card is full when I go to do an in-game save.

Like I said, I wasn't all that far so I just restarted.