Little help please?

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Little help please?

Postby akutasame94 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:32 pm

So when I heard there was a PS 1 emulator I got really excited, but when I went to google play I saw it was paid app. Well I don't mind paying, but from my country (Serbia) we cannot pay anything via internet, meaning paid apps are not available to us unless we find them from other sources (you know what I mean). So I searched for apk file on the net, found it and it actually works. Since there is a licence verification I can't use it (my phone is not rooted, so I can't use certain apps to make it work) nor do I want to use it that way. I am here to ask if there are other payment methods? Is there some other way I could pay and get this app. I hate that I know it works, yet there is no way for me to use it legally or illegally.

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