Cheats : FPS Out of control

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Cheats : FPS Out of control

Postby Odinthedark1 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:11 am

So every time i enable a cheat or quick save (Worse on cheat enable) my fps sky rockets to 250-300 fps for the next 2-5mins and i have to wait for it to slow down to 60 fps to play the game...i have no idea what the problem is but it seems to happen on any game for there a cause for this or is it a bug? I would guess a bug cause it seems to be able to bypass the frame limiter which i have tried to set to specific 60 fps rather than "auto" to no avail. if it is in turn a bug please fix it asap its driving me crazy xD

PS: Sorry i had no idea where to post this so i just posted in GD

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