Fpse No Sound issues happening on all 3 devices :(

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Fpse No Sound issues happening on all 3 devices :(

Postby csta » Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:07 am

Hey guys,

I finally decided to purchase FPSE from the google play store, i am a diehard Final Fantasy 8 and 9 fan and has had quite a hell of a time to get these working...

i have a

Samsung Galaxy S3
Asus Google Nexus 7
Asus Eeepad Transformer Prime

I have tested on all devices all on jelly bean and running amazing thowhen launched game using latest fpse, up until i select new game the fitst opening cutscene there no music what so ever... i have tryed most recommend settings and nothing has came close to a little bit of sound...tho after cutscene the ingame music and sounds all work completely fine... is there something i can do to get this baby to have sound during the games cutscenes?

I hope some expert who has ran into these problems before can help me out as after the poor effort of doing my own original discs to not work after countless attempts and trying to find proper working bin versions from all over sources i am still unsure wheres the best place to find the perfect bin versions that will work all the way thru till the end but anyways my only cry is to get the cutscene sound to work...

hope to hear back from you all soon

thanks in advance for reading this

also if someone knows of anywhere i can download a fully working 4 disc set please give me a heads up as iv heard of everyone having troubles with certain discs messing up throughout playing which sounds terrible if u cant find a same region disc to work with the gamesave... i hate to sound all doom and gloom lol

i just tryed the enable spusync but it still doesnt get sound to work within cutscenes.... also having same problem with FF7,9 also mortal kombat trilogy has the same thing background music not working...

i have spent the whole wknd messing and playing around with spusync and defos doesnt seem to work regardless of settings, also tryed 3 diffrent versions of the disc 1 already lol

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Re: Fpse No Sound issues happening on all 3 devices :(

Postby bluezeak » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:51 am

There were several sound issues with recent versions of FPSE. Do you have 11.50 now?

Enable spusync, and enable the reduced latency option. If games won't load you can't use it though. I have a nexus and I know it works.

I think I've heard of your problem before, and I think it might be a problem with your image. Check the ff7, 8, and 9 game specific threads, in the game specific forum. I think there's info there. I have those games and pay them with no issues on my nexus. I don't have a gs3, but i've heard mixed reports about it ... some good, some bad.

Know this though, to use FPSE you must own your games. further, downloading games is illegal, and people are not allowed to post information related to downloading games.
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