Awesome App

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Awesome App

Postby wilk489 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:17 pm

Just stated using FPse again when I upgraded to the Galaxy S3 through Verizon. So far games have been playing pretty well. I tried OpenGL for FF8 and Chronocross using some setting I found here, but was unable to get it to play smoothly and the screen was getting all funky. So I've been using Soft GPU and getting right around 60fps until the battle transition on Chronocross where the frame rate drops to 21 for a few seconds then jumps back up. Here's what I have turned on:
Framelimiter(if not on I found in Chronocross the music plays way faster than normal along with any cut scenes)
Print FPS
Force Landscape Orientation
Enhanced 3D rendering
Hardware acceleration

Just bought a gameklip for my ps3 controller and the sixaxis app so I'm really excited to be able to play with a controller once I get it all figured out. :mrgreen:

I have noticed the force mono core error a couple of times, but haven't seen it recently.

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Re: Awesome App

Postby storm20200 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:20 am

Battle transitions are infamous for slow framerates on OpenGL, I'm sure it is something that is being actively looked into because it is such a big issue for quite a few games but we just have to put up with it in return for the beautiful OpenGL graphics, hopefully that won't always be the case but there is more important issues than fixing battle transitions :-)
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