Recovering saves

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Recovering saves

Postby Eambo » Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:11 am

Hi there,

I've recently had to replace the ROM on my phone, and wiped it entirely. I made a full copy-paste backup of all the content to my PC before doing so, and I'm trying to get my saves back. If I navigate to "fpsebackup" in the root directory, it seems to have my saves - but when I copy them over to my current ROM and try, it does not work (cannot see any saves at all). Does anyone know what might cause this, or am I looking in the wrong place?



So figured it out. The copy+paste backup I done was the /sdcard partition, and not the root. Luckily I had made a nandroid backup with Clockworkmod also - so I opened the data.ext4.tar and copied the folder from 'data/data' to the same location on my new ROM, worked great! ;-)

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Re: Recovering saves

Postby bluezeak » Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:54 am

seems you've fixed your issue - glad to hear it.

The best way to backup fpse is open fpse, go to the menu, misc, backup. this saves evertything in fpse to /sdcard/fpsebackup. In your situation you could copy off that folder, paste it back after reset, then after reinstalling fpse you can go to menu, misc, restore.

However, I don't like doing restores when reinstalling. It's much cleaner to not restore. What I like to do is copy the 'memory card' and 'save state' fodlers to a different location. After reinstalling fpse I will go to menu, misc, memory card, and menu, misc, save state, and point fpse to the location I copied them too. I do still need to resetup my preferencdes for the gamepad, video settings, systems settings, etc. And, I need to go to menu, misc, save to default to help make sure the settings stick. But - it's cleaner and helps make sure that no bad / corrupt settings get copied over. But - if you weren't having any issues, then just coping the entire 'fpsebackup' folder to /sdcard and using the 'menu, misc, restore' option works.
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