noob needs help

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noob needs help

Postby htidgaz » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:01 am

Ok guys, obviously I'm new here, im running acer i3 processor harddrive easily capable of playing most games on emulators. For this I have an epsxe emulator which performs nicely.
I also have a Sony xperia s smartphone with dualcore processing which plays PlayStation one games(official) anyway, so no problems there! Anyhow I downloaded the fpse emulator for the phone just in case I want to try a game not on market... It works smooth as a nut, bios installed, not massively glitchy, nothing to worry about.

My queries is this - the emulator in my comp saves games as a .crm file, which even if I put on my phone storage will not load on fpse...

Is there a way I can make both emulators use the same save file? Poss I way to make both emus play a converted "dual emulator save file" Would be nice to continue final fantasy on the go!

Also as a secondary request anyone know of an emu powerful enough to play ff.7 crisis core? Tried most, not up to task... If so also a good link for the .ISO/cos file would help.

Thanks in advance, looked through this site and people genuinely want to help! And sorry it this is in wrong section. I am a noob on here after all


Thanks in advance for your help, I've look through the forum and everyone seems to be genuinely helpful.

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Re: noob needs help

Postby bluezeak » Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:16 am

I know that it is fairly easy to use the same save game file (not save state!). Epsxe can use the save file format that Fpse uses, but I think by default it uses a different format (not sure) . Copy your save game file from Fpse to Epsxe, play on pc, save game, copy save game file from pc to Fpse on your Android device. There are some posts with suggestions on good way to do this, I don't remember If they're here or on xda. Google it. For the save game file type, there are save game file converters that y convert between different save game file types if you use an emulator that doesn't use fpse's save game file type. There are some for the PC, but I'm specifically familiar with the one for Android - 'psx mc manager'. You shouldn't need it if you use Epsxe with the method I described.

As for save states, I believe there are save state conversion programs for the PC but I'm not sure. If so, they would allow you to covert between different save state formats.

If you need to know how to create save game files, goole Fpse create memory card

You can't convert psp to psx is my understanding, an I believe that game is a Psp game. See this post:
FPSE OpenGL info - click here

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