Help with 2 games and Overlay Pad.

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Help with 2 games and Overlay Pad.

Postby Bored42 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:32 pm

I need help with 2 games and Overlay Pad:

1. Point Blank 3: when I pick the Guncon controller, the cursor appears and moves the top right and stays there. Apparently, when I pick the Guncon, it switches back to the ps1 controller and moves itself.

2. Um Jammer Lammy: I turn SPU sync on in order to play, but when I press the buttons, I can't hear the guitar sounds.

Touchscreen: Even though I disabled the overlay pad, I can tap the area on the screen and it still says I pressed the button.

Can someone help me fix these problems? I love this emulator and I want to put my whole ps1 collection on my Xperia Play.

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