Best OpenGL settings for TEKKEN 3 + GALAXY s3

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Best OpenGL settings for TEKKEN 3 + GALAXY s3

Postby 2000steam2000 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:03 am

I want it to look great but also play smooth,

its toobad i do not know all the terms only the normal one's

What should i cross in the video settings and what should i disable,

Now i have 32 bit mode on and AA, Texture filtering makes it lag

the rest i do not understand , Special frame limiter? wtf is so special about it ,

anyone please post YOUR settigns for best graphics and solid fps with the

HTC one x or Galaxy s3

Thank you peace out

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Re: Best OpenGL settings for TEKKEN 3 + GALAXY s3

Postby i900frenchaddict » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:39 am

special frame limiter is used is regular frame limiter makes the game too slow.(while the game is too fast without limiter)

If you have glitches in the menus, use offScreenDrawing.

For Tekken 3, even on my One-X, I usually use "old frameskip" to have it full speed with almost every filtering ON

Remember that Tekken 3 is one (or maybe THE) most demanding games of the PS1: lightnings, shaddings, lots of polygons, etc. Applying filtering on all these visual effects without using frameskip will make the game lag, even on a quad-core.

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