various openGL problems

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various openGL problems

Postby Dante3hs » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:14 pm

Firstly, im just trying to optimise my experience with playing FFVII and FFIX on my Galaxy S (still at least a month until i can get my SIII :cry: ). Everything is perfect with the inbuilt plugin, but is pixelated.

OpenGL is smooth and looks great, but has a couple of problems that i cant find a way to fix.

first off, for both games, when framelimiter is turned off, the games run anywhere from 60-200fps (the opening for FFXI flies by lol). But when i turn the limiter on, the FPS drop to sub 40. Also on both games, the "battel swirl" animation is just a black screen, with slowdown to ~17FPS, with speedup in battle (FFVII is perfect speed in battle, FFIX is around 40ish.) Both have "garbage graphics" errors out of battle, but perfect graphics in battle.

FFVII Graphic error
SC20120629-090857.png (141.77 KiB) Viewed 1327 times
FFIX Graphics error
SC20120629-090101.png (235.8 KiB) Viewed 1327 times

I did have a problem with the cursor in FFVII (the white hand) being black, but that seems to have fixed itself (plugin not loading correctly maybe? it was only noticed right after switching to OpenGL).

I have tried every option in the plugin settings one by one, and all together to try and fix these issues, bit to no avail. Im hoping to have the graphics perfect on my Galaxy S before i get my SIII, so that i dont have to fiddle too much with settings.

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