fpse on my Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

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fpse on my Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

Postby d_brennen » Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:30 am

Been messing about with the latest fpse on my Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 and finding it hard to get games running well. I know its relatively old and slow these days but I was hoping to get some golden oldies going well. Even with the spu sync function enabled sound is often the wrong speed and jumpy, and frame rates can be a bit off too but mostly payable in the games I'm running. The opengl plugin is a complete no go, no game I tried worked right (slow and or corrupted textures)

Games I'm trying to get going smoothly are

Soul Blade (Edge)
Dino Crisis
Tomb Raider
Syphon Filter

My P1000 is running the latest Team Overcome firmware -4.1.0 iirc (android 2.3.6)

Any pointers please?

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