OpenGl download sticky?

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OpenGl download sticky?

Postby Edgarhighmen » Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:06 pm

My browser crashed on my phone as I was typing this post, however I have been having a hard time to find the proper opengl plugin for my version of fpse. I read elsewhere on the forums that each new version of fpse had an updated opengl plugin.

I have 11.11 ogl plugin, just updated fpse to 11.14. Figure the plugin should self download with the app, or at least be in the downloads section.

This is the link I used for the plugin:

I also have scph101.bin anyone using this combo to play FFVII?
Last time I tried it wouldn't get past the musical intro. Used Rom buddy 1.8

With the amazing amount of threads here, surprised search function lacked the answer :(

I also just realized my fpse home screen says 11.12 after updating... is that normal? Edit: my FFVII has no sound... fpse says something about license check, and be online. I'm on wifi; what a crock. Update is nogood :(

I've also seen youtube videos of people using different graphical pads on fpse? Where can those be gotten? I only saw fpsece in the artists corner

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