[Q] Parasite Eve 1 Problem

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[Q] Parasite Eve 1 Problem

Postby DamienPocketPlayers » Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:30 pm


maybe someone can help me with my problem when trying to play Parasite Eve 1?

I am using the JXD S601 with the latest version of FPSE for Android.

When starting PE i reach the title screen, but i can only select to load a game (which i cant do since i play it the first time), when i try to move up to new game the cursor will not move at all. I had the same problem back than on the HD2 using windows mobile and was able to bypass it by using the virtual Up key in Portrait Mode, but this will not help either.

Does anyone encounter the same problem? This is the only game that shows this error as far as it goes for the games i use.

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