my situation. please help

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my situation. please help

Postby nismoasfuh » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:46 am

Okay. So. I have been playing metal gear solid and driver flawlessly on my samsung captivate for quite a while. One day, recently, fpse did an automatic update I. Belive it is 11.11. And the new layout had me worried as i couldnt find bluetooth settings to connect my ps3 controller.but besides the point when i would load my game it would start but the saves files i load wouldnt. (I saved my progress through fpse) not the game. Either way I say forget it. I downloaded and installed a older fpse after I backed up the data from my new one. I then imported that data when the older fpse was installed. My load files are there now but when I click on them nothing happens? Can anyone give me a suggestion as to what I can do? I want to finish mgs already!!!!!

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