How come some cheats work, yet others don't?

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How come some cheats work, yet others don't?

Postby RiotNOR » Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:18 pm

I'm currently playing through Legend of Dragoon (do you like old RPGs? Go check it out!), and I've been trying out different cheats just for fun, but at the moment I want to use one, which is a code to get all armed items (armor + weapons). The code is layed out like this:

All Items:
5000FF01 0001
300BAFE8 0000

I've also tried this one

All Items (Everyone):
5000FF01 0001
300BADB0 0000

Yet none of those work. Debug room and max money work just fine. I of course add a comma infront of the last four numbers instead of a space.

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